Friends of the Church

Set up in 1995, the charity 'Friends of the Church' aims to support the fabric of St Mary Magdalene Church through fundraising activities. Not necessarily church goers themselves, they appreciate how the church itself is a valuable asset to the village and can be treasured by the whole community. Having such dedicated team of individuals, working together to maintain the beautiful building, hopefully demonstrates to those who aren't religious, that our church is a place where anyone can feel welcome and meet like minded people.

The Friends Of The Church Of St. Mary Magdalene, Geddington's charitable objective:

  • To help maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct for the benefit of the public. This includes its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass ornaments and other chattels and its churchyard.


The Friends of the Church of St Mary Magdalene Geddington

Chairman’s Report June 2020

This is the 25th Anniversary year of the Friends and over £110,000 has been raised – a magnificent achievement by committees and supporters over the last quarter of a century, all to the benefit of our beautiful church. We plan to celebrate this (when permissible of course)
with a formal supper at Boughton house. All details are ready for this to go ahead and the same applies to the Great Geddington Garage Sale, originally scheduled for last month. A quiz to the Friends’ benefit was due to happen in April. For future events, whenever they will happen, we are liaising with the PCC and Magdalene Multipliers in order to coordinate dates.
Our first event this year was an August Sunday stroll with a visit to the Newton Rebellion memorial, followed by afternoon tea in Newton. The spy themed murder mystery in October beheld a new cast of actors, many making their debut – willingly volunteered, thank you. The
traditional Twelfth Night supper saw many joining in with the masked theme, to the accompaniment once more of the Clack Hill Consort and entertainment by Vic.
We have funded a replacement water heater and plans are underway for a refurbishment of the choir vestry. This year has also seen greater publicity, thanks to Vic, including interesting articles in the newsletter. We have gained several new members.
Huge thanks must be extended to our supporters - at events as well as for subscriptions and donations. We are indebted to our hardworking, generous committee members, who give time, effort, food and raffle prizes freely. Extra support from Brian at events is received very
gratefully. Margaret’s marmalade continues to be popular and supplements our funds, thank you. Tea towel sales help too.
In lieu of a physical AGM, please email me, with any comments or suggestions.
The committee comprises:
Chairman – David Lomasney
Secretary – Vic Crouse
Treasurer – Sylvia Pitts
PCC representative – Penny Griffin
Margaret Leaton, Maureen Crouse, Esther Gordon, Ella Thomas, Vivienne Allport.